Shia LaBeouf Family Fight in Court ... He's Trying to Take My Home

2/10/2016 1:59 PM PST

Shia LaBeouf: Family Fight in Court ... He's Trying to Take My Home

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Shia LaBeouf and his mom are so determined to get back the money he loaned his uncle, they're willing to kick him and his wife out of their home ... according to his aunt.

Shia's aunt, Sharon Saide, just filed legal docs saying she's the sole owner of the Upper East Side apartment Shia's been trying to take to settle the debt her husband owes.

According to docs, in 2013 the courts ordered Uncle Barry to pay back $840k. Shia had loaned him the money in 2009 to cover business expenses. The sum has ballooned with interest to nearly $1 million.

Sharon says the deed to the apartment is in her name because it was purchased mostly with her inheritance money, and Barry's name isn't on the deed. Her point is Shia can't take it to cover Barry's debt.

She also says the apartment's worth $2.8 million -- way more than what Barry owes -- and her nephew is just trying to "intimidate and pressure" them into giving up the property.