Big Ang Final Wish A Disco Send-Off

2/18/2016 9:54 AM PST

Big Ang: Final Wish ... A Disco Send-Off


Big Ang had a dying wish -- a disco party in Brooklyn.

Ang loved a discotheque in her hood called Pastels. She wanted her family and friends to have a hard-drinking night where the music would reign supreme. Ang felt this was more appropriate to celebrate her life than a stodgy memorial service.

Here's the problem. Pastels has been shut down for a while. It's unclear if the family will find another venue.

As for a final resting place, we're told one thing's for sure -- no cremation, because Ang was freaked out by fire. She'll be buried, but as of this moment the family hasn't chosen a site.

Ang passed away Thursday morning after battling cancer. She was 55.