'Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour' Spanking Dad Getting Death Threats

2/19/2016 11:15 AM PST

'Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour' ... Spanking Dad Receiving Death Threats


Chris Spivey, the dad caught on camera disciplining his son with a belt on "Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour," is threatening legal action against the show after getting flooded with death threats.

Spivey tells TMZ the footage of what sounds like him whipping his 9-year-old with a belt as the child screamed in pain is "bogus" because it was grossly edited, and he was only hitting the bed. He says producers took the isolated incident and created a whole show around it, but never gave him a heads up it was airing Thursday night.

TMZ broke the story ... Frost called child services in November on Spivey after she saw the disturbing footage captured by the show's surveillance cameras. Spivey says DCFS investigated but found no wrongdoing

Spivey watched last night and says the show "sucked." He says right after it aired he started getting Facebook threats. 

He says his family is considering legal action -- they've retained an attorney -- because "we are not people that beat their kids. We are leaders in our community and this has put a strain on our family.”