Master P I'm Popping Up All Over the 'Hood'

3/15/2016 1:09 PM PDT

Master P: I'm Popping Up All Over The 'Hood'

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Master P hasn't toured in years, but he's back on his grind ... planning to hit 40 cities this month alone on his Pop-Up tour.

P kicked things off over the weekend at Savoy in Inglewood. He's still got flow for sure ... check him plowing through "Make 'Em Say Uhh" in this clip.

Mr. Ice Cream Man tells TMZ he'll be popping up at random clubs all month ... just like he used to do in his van back when he was first building No Limit Records.

He only has one requirement for the clubs he'll be hitting ... that they're "straight in the hood."

Considering his ongoing legal battles with his estranged wife over money ... this looks like a great way to keep making a dollar out of 15 cents.