Drake's 'Ghostwriter' Meek & His Crew Beat Me Bloody

3/25/2016 12:57 PM PDT

Drake's 'Ghostwriter' Quentin Miller: Meek Mill and His Crew Beat Me Bloody

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Drake and Meek Mill's beef got physically violent when Meek took out his anger on Quentin Miller -- the guy he accused of writing Drake's raps -- by allegedly attacking him in Bev Hills.

Miller claims the beatdown happened at the Nike Store. He's not specific on when, but says it was after the whole feud blew up in Meek's face. You'll recall, Meek attempted to out Miller as the guy who wrote Drizzy's rhyme on "10 Bands." 

Miller refused to take full credit and denied ghostwriting, which fueled the fan backlash against Meek.

Check out Miller's clip with VladTV -- he says Meek and his crew, the Dream Chasers, jumped him ... but adds they scored zero hood points, since he's a suburban kid who's hardly the "toughest ni**a."