Cesar Millan Officially Cleared in Dog-Pig Attack

4/11/2016 9:50 AM PDT

Cesar Millan Officially Cleared in Dog-Pig Attack

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Cesar Millan's off the hook ... Animal Care and Control has wrapped its investigation and he will not be charged with animal cruelty for one of his trainee dogs attacking a pig. 

The 'Dog Whisperer' reacted to the news, saying ... "Just like LA County Animal Control, my team and I are 100% dedicated to the proper care of all animals, including the farm pig in this case."

Sources told TMZ weeks ago, the D.A. would not charge Cesar. As we reported, he'd been under fire for the video that showed the dog bite a pig's ear during a training session.

The D.A.'s Office says it was "nothing more than an accident," the injury to the pig was minimal, and it was treated by a vet immediately. Bottom line: the whole matter was handled appropriately.

Cesar maintains his training procedures are "safe and humane."