Cesar Millan Dog & Pig Method 'Just Plain Dumb' ... Claims Veteran Trainer

3/14/2016 11:04 AM PDT

Cesar Millan: Dog & Pig Method 'Just Plain Dumb' ... Claims Veteran Trainer


Cesar Millan was "dumb and irresponsible" when he put that unleashed dog and pig in the same kennel, and the woman who blew the whistle is adamant ... Cesar should be charged.

TMZ spoke with the woman, a veteran dog trainer with 20 years experience, and she believes Cesar used the pig as bait, instead of slowly integrating the animals together. She claims the proper protocol would have been first putting the pig and dog in pens next to one another, and THEN together on leash.

As we previously reported, Cesar says the pig and dog are fine and now get along -- but the anonymous dog trainer thinks he's downplaying the severity of the pig's injury.

She says Cesar and Nat Geo should be held accountable for what she calls a ratings ploy. She wants him charged for animal cruelty, and wants the pig off his property, and his practices monitored moving forward.

Cesar maintains his methods are sound.