Pete Wentz No Special Treatment In Tow Truck Caper

4/14/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Pete Wentz: No Special Treatment in Tow Truck Caper


Pete Wentz did not get a shady break from the company that hooked up his illegally parked car and then backed off ... because we've learned Pete pulled out his wallet, paid piper, and it was all legal.

As we reported, Pete's Porsche was parked illegally on a Hollywood street, so a parking enforcement cop ticketed him and then called the tow truck company. The whip was hooked up to the tow truck when Pete walked up to the car and got the tow truck driver to release it.

We've learned Pete followed a little-known law. He paid the towing company's fee as well as an administrative fee. In return the tow truck driver unhooked the Porsche.

We found out tow truck companies will let a driver pay even if their car is en route to the tow yard. The tow truck company wants its money and the costs paid, and the driver gets the car back.

We're told in Pete's case it cost him $237. Not a bad deal.