Charlie Sheen's Ex He's Cutting Off His Rich Nose To Spite His Kids' Faces

4/19/2016 1:56 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller -- He's Cutting Off His Rich Nose to Spite His Kids' Faces


Brooke Mueller is accusing Charlie Sheen of selling off his "Two and a Half Men" cash cow just so he can get his child support payments to her reduced.  

As we've reported, Charlie's been crying poverty to the court ... saying he can no longer afford the $55k per month, but Brooke's not buying it for a second. In new docs, she says Charlie deliberately sold off his back end revenue from "Two and a Half Men" in order to lower his monthly income.

Yes, Charlie got a lump sum of $26 million off that deal, but he lost $613k in monthly income ... which Brooke thinks is all part of his poverty play.

She also thinks it's laughable Charlie's acting down and out, since he "continues to own multiple mansions across the globe, fly all over the world on private planes, have several paid employees at his beck and call, and live an extremely lavish lifestyle."

Brooke is begging the court not to fall for Sheen's hard luck story, and she wants a hearing to comb through his finances.