LeAnn Rimes Bikini Make Out ... With a Chick!

6/1/2016 9:30 AM PDT

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Make Out Session ... With a Chick!


LeAnn Rimes locked up "Wife of the Year" -- just an educated guess -- by sucking face with a smoking hot girlfriend in front of Eddie Cibrian.

The couple was hanging in Malibu on Monday for a family BBQ, but their family fun probably looked much different from yours. LeAnn and a redheaded bikini-clad chick went on a selfie-fest on the beach, complete with full mouth kisses. No clue who the friend is, but they're VERY close.

LeAnn and her husband hugged a little bit too ... if you're into that.  

Eddie's birthday is a couple of weeks away, but we're thinking he's good to go.