Dallas Gunman Micah X. Johnson Anti-Cop, Pro-Black Panther

7/8/2016 9:48 AM PDT

Dallas Gunman Micah X. Johnson ... Anti-Cop, Pro-Black Panther


Micah Xavier Johnson -- the 25-year-old law enforcement confirms as the Dallas shooter -- had involvement with a handful of pro-black and police watchdog groups.

Johnson's social media accounts reveal he was a member of several Black Panther organizations, including The New Black Panther Party Houston Chapter.

Johnson also subscribed to a Facebook group called "The Black Matrix," which aims to dismantle the system it believes "white societal elites" have put in place to "control the perceptions of its Black populations."

Johnson -- who served in the U.S. Army -- had involvement with Facebook communities including "Filming Cops" and "Police The Police," which describes itself as a platform for documenting and archiving police misconduct, brutality and abuse of authority.

Dallas PD Chief David Brown said before they took down Johnson he said he was angry about police brutality and wanted to kill white officers.