My Morning Jacket Singer Disfigured Me in Car Wreck ... Driver Sues

7/13/2016 10:13 AM PDT

My Morning Jacket: Singer Disfigured Me in Car Wreck ... Driver Sues


Rock band My Morning Jacket allegedly caused a car accident so bad it disfigured the victim ... who's now taking the guys to court.

Margarito Gonzalez filed a lawsuit against singer Jim James and the band. Gonzalez claims James was behind the wheel of a Mazda 2 driving the other MMJ members in Denver when he struck his car. In the suit, Gonzalez says the singer was driving recklessly and following too closely. 

Gonzalez says James' negligence injured him so badly, it's stopping him from enjoying his life as he did before the 2013 wreck.

Gonzalez is suing for pain, suffering and personal disfigurement and damages.