Playmate Dani Mathers Gets the Boot From Job and Gym

7/15/2016 7:19 AM PDT

Playmate Dani Mathers -- Gets the Boot from Job and Gym


Dani Mathers is getting it from all ends for posting that photo of a woman in the gym sauna -- she's now out of a job and looking for a new gym too.

The 2015 Playmate of the Year has had a regular gig for years on the 'Heidi and Frank' radio show on L.A.'s KLOS -- but Friday morning they announced management is suspending Mathers indefinitely ... in the wake of the invasive Snapchat. 

We've also learned Mathers has been banned from LA Fitness, and not just locally. A spokesperson tells us she "is not permitted back at any club, ever."

TMZ broke the story ... L.A. Fitness says it's already reported the incident to cops.