Will.i.am & Snoop Dogg The Time Is Right ... We're Bringing Back 'The Love'

7/18/2016 3:23 PM PDT

Will.i.am, Snoop Dogg: The Time Is Right ... We're Bringing Back 'The Love'


Will.i.am put together a "We Are the World" type project involving Snoop Dogg, and it's a direct response to the national crisis over police shootings and police brutality.

The song is a remix of the Black Eyed Peas' huge 2003 hit, "Where Is the Love?

Sources connected to the project tell us Will decided this was the perfect time because of what's happened in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas and other cities across the country.

We're told Snoop is rapping on the track, and several other artists are contributing too. Right now they're shooting a music video. It's unclear when the song will drop.

Quick refresher on the lyrics -- they're as relevant as ever ...