J Lo Drug Lord Movie Surviving Ex Warns HBO Mention Me and I'll Sue!

8/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT

J Lo Drug Lord Movie: Surviving Ex Warns HBO ... Mention Me and I'll Sue!


The only non-murdered man who either dated or married a notorious killer is warning HBO -- trash talk him in the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez and he's suing your asses.

First, the backstory ... Charles Cosby infamously dated Griselda Blanco -- a Colombian drug lord dubbed the Cocaine Godmother who's tied to hundreds of murders, including the deaths of every man she ever dated, except Cosby. J Lo's playing Blanco for HBO.

Cosby wants NOTHING to do with the film ... telling TMZ there better be no references to him ... or else. 

What's more ... Cosby -- who narrated a documentary about Blanco's life, "Cocaine Cowboys 2" -- says he's no Jennifer fan ... calling her unconvincing with no street cred. 

And Cosby's got his own Griselda project ... a movie he's producing called, "Hustle."