Desiigner Race Not An Issue In Arrest ... Says NYPD

9/12/2016 12:30 PM PDT

NYPD Says Desiigner's Race Not An Issue In Arrest


The NYPD is calling B.S. on Desiigner's legal team claiming he was targeted for being black ... saying they arrested him because he committed a crime.

An NYPD official suggests to TMZ ... it's wrong to play the race card in a case like this because the man in the road rage incident who called 911 -- claiming Desiigner pointed a gun at him -- is Hispanic.

The official says, "There was a male Hispanic complainant who said he was menaced with a black firearm from individuals in the car. There was no targeting of him because he was black, NYPD arrested him because he committed a crime."

The intimation is clear  ... this is not cops favoring white over black ... both parties in the alleged road rage incident were minorities, so the arrest was not racial.

Desiigner's rep claims it's a case of trying to keep a successful young black man down.