Brandi Glanville Something's Fishy With Her Taxes Uncle Sam Says She Owes $112k

9/13/2016 12:10 AM PDT

Uncle Sam Says Brandi Glanville Owes $112k


Add Brandi Glanville's name to the growing list of 'Housewives' with tax problems because Uncle Sam says she's on the hook for $112k.

The ousted 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star has been hit with a federal tax lien. The feds say she owes $29,396.35 from 2013, and $82,448.38 from 2014.

The timing is no coincidence. Brandi was promoted to a main cast member during season 3, the majority of which aired in 2013.

On the bright side ... it doesn't look like Brandi's as far in the hole as NeNe Leakes, who reportedly owes the IRS $824k, or Teresa and Joe Giudice, who are paying off a $261k tab to the state of NJ.