Marvin Gaye Son Rips 'Sexual Healing' Movie ... It's Hot Garbage

9/16/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Marvin Gaye's Son Rips 'Sexual Healing' Movie


Marvin Gaye's son is ready to go to war again in court ... this time to shut down the release of a biopic about his father, which he calls pure trash.

Marvin Gaye III tells TMZ ... no one in his family is backing "Sexual Healing" -- the film music mogul Vassal Benford is producing.

Gaye III's got a lot of problems with what he's seen of the film. He says it's untrue, exploitative, with a ton of holes and worst of all ... doesn't "hold the vibe of my father."

He adds the family's attorney has already been contacted, and -- perhaps buoyed by their success in the "Blurred Lines" case -- they're confident the movie won't see the light of day.

As for Benford, he tells us it's full steam ahead, and several superstars will be involved in recording the soundtrack. He even bought a baller ring as a gift for himself ... to celebrate making the movie.

So, that's what's going on.