Lindsay Lohan All Stitched Up ... Back to Helping Kids

10/5/2016 12:50 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan's All Stitched Up And Back to Helping Kids


Lindsay Lohan didn't let a little thing like getting a huge chunk of her finger chopped off ... stop her from charity work.  

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she had surgery over the weekend -- you can see the (still gnarly) results in the photos we got -- and on Tuesday she was helping resettle displaced refugees again.

She took her bandaged hand to Sultanbeyli, met with the mayor and helped move a family into a new home.

We're told Lindsay feels she's in a good place post-Egor, and is eager to do good where she can. Still unclear if she'll go back to wearing her used-to-be-engagement ring when the finger heals.