'Modern Family' Kid Star Jay and Gloria's Baby Boy Raked in 6 Figures!

10/9/2016 12:00 AM PDT

'Modern Family' Kid Star Raked in 6 Figures!


The kid who's now playing Sofia Vergara's youngest son on "Modern Family" got a fat payday for his first season ... north of $130k. 

5-year-old Jeremy Maguire -- starring as Joe Pritchett in season 7 -- signed a deal for $9,000 an episode.

Joe popped up on camera for 15 of the 22 episodes last year, meaning he made $135k. He's also due for a 4% raise each year they bring him back ... and he's already shooting season 8. 

Jeremy better enjoy the cash while he can -- producers have recast his character in the past ... so it could happen again.