Music Mogul Ted Cohen The Mistress Wins Big ... Fork Over the Loot!

10/16/2016 12:20 AM PDT

Music Mogul Ted Cohen's Mistress Wins Big


Mega music mogul Ted Cohen will have to pay off his mistress after all.

A judge just dropped the hammer on Ted, ordering him to plunk down around $3 million for Deborah Sass, who had a 7 year relationship with the married man.

Deborah sued Cohen, claiming he promised to be her sugar daddy if she'd move from London to L.A., which she did. She says when push came to shove ... Ted came up short on the cash, even after she supposedly ran his biz.

Deb says she dropped $200k on a house he was supposed to buy for her, but he never put the title in her name. The judge says Ted must split the house 50/50.

Ted and his lawyers were no shows in court ... the good news, the $3 mil is chump change to him.