Kim Kardashian Concierge in Robbery ... Something's Hinky

10/27/2016 7:45 AM PDT

Something's Hinky in Concierge's Account of Kim Robbery

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian's concierge has told a story fundamentally different from the one Kim told cops ... raising the question, what really happened when the Paris robbery went down?

The concierge -- who was taken to Kim's apartment during the robbery -- appeared on "Entertainment Tonight" and said the robbers never asked for her ring or jewelry. Concierge Abdulrahman says the robbers kept asking for "l'argent" ... French for money, and Kim thought they wanted the ring.

But as TMZ reported, we know Kim was very specific with Paris cops, telling them the robber spoke French with one exception ... they repeatedly demanded "ring, ring."  

Furthermore, Kim's lawyer, Marty Singer, wrote a letter to a Huffington Post blogger, demanding a retraction for a story saying the robbery was a hoax, saying in part, the robbers "demanded her money and jewelry."

The concierge has been shopping his story for thousands of dollars ... a story that doesn't match Kim's.