Slash's Estranged Wife He Knows Damn Well We're Married ... We Did It Twice!

11/1/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Slash's Estranged Wife Shoots Down Claim They Weren't Married


Slash's ex says his claim they were never married is an absolutely humiliating joke to her and their kids.

Perla Ferrar was out in Beverly Hills when she reacted to the story we broke -- that Slash says they were never husband and wife because Perla hadn't divorced her first husband.

She tells us the Guns N' Roses rocker should have fresh memories of their marriages. Either the first one OR the second!

Perla also says there were signs of nasty things to come when she took their kids to Coachella to watch Slash and GNR this year -- and it was not a VIP experience.