'Gotham' Star Morena Baccarin My Ex Is Freaking Over Zika ... Blocking Son's Brazil Trip

11/15/2016 12:30 AM PST

'Gotham' Star Morena Baccarin Says Ex Is Using Zika Fears to Block Son's Trip to Brazil


Morena Baccarin is fighting her ex-husband, mosquitoes and a ticking clock ... all to get her son to Brazil to visit her dying grandmother.

The "Gotham" star's asking the court to force her ex-husband, Austin Chick, to let her take their 3-year-old, Julius, on the trip. According to docs, Morena asked Austin last month for his consent, but he refused due to new info regarding Zika. He cited the CDC, which says it doesn't know the long-term risks for kids who contract the virus.

Morena has no such worries, and says Julius' pediatrician agrees ... Zika is "not a concern" for Julius.

She also says Austin thinks Brazil is just unsafe, which Morena says is B.S. because he never complained when the family traveled there before the divorce.

She's asking the court to issue an order allowing the trip along with her partner, Ben McKenzie, and their infant daughter.