Cara Delevingne You Got a Cute Dead Dog Here, I Painted a Picture of Him

11/21/2016 12:30 AM PST

Cara Delevingne Gifted a Portrait of Her Dead Dog


Cara Delevingne was devastated when her dog died 2 years ago ... and didn't look much happier this week when she got a postmortem print of the pup. 

Artist Andrew Gonzalez gave Cara a digitally made portrait of her French Bulldog, Mouse, this past Thursday -- where he's seen on a cloud with a pair of wings ... eating bacon.

Gonzalez had given Cara a portrait of herself in 2014, right around the time Mouse passed. This time, he says security let him hand the newest one off to her personally before the opening of the Westfield World Trade Center H&M store in NYC. 

He says Cara almost broke out in tears, telling him she'd hang it up at home -- and thanking him with a hug. From the looks of her face, though, we're guessing she was less excited than last time