Marilyn Monroe Final Script Sold with Her Notes ... Spelling Doesn't Count

12/16/2016 12:30 AM PST

Marilyn Monroe's Final Script Hauls in $25k


Marilyn Monroe's handwritten notes on how to act sexier are now in the hands of one lucky fan.

Marilyn's script for her final movie, "Something's Got to Give" ... was sold by Nate D Sanders Auctions on Thursday for $25k. The document is awesome because it includes notes she wrote to help nail her lines -- things like "lean towards him" and "leeding him on." Spelling wasn't really her thing ... not that anyone complained.

MM was famously fired from the romantic comedy, co-starring Dean Martin, in June 1962 ... reportedly for being disruptive. She died 2 months later.

Fun fact: The film was never completed with a new actress because Dean refused to do it without his original leeding lady.