Lena Dunham Apologizes for Putting Abortion on Wish List

12/21/2016 6:44 AM PST

Lena Dunham Apologizes for Her Abortion Comment

The 2016 Lena Dunham apology tour keeps chuggin' along ... this time for wistfully wishing she'd had an abortion. 

Dunham's come under heavy fire for a comment she made on her podcast last week ... describing the experiences of loved ones who'd had abortions. She said, "Now I can say that I still haven't had an abortion, but I wish I had."

So naturally, now she's backpedaling with an apology, calling her words a "distasteful joke." She also adds she'll be making a donation to abortion funds in New York, Texas and Ohio.

It's not the first time Dunham's mixed words this year ... in September she accused NY Giants receiver Odell Beckham of being a sex-obsessed jock and blowing her off at The Met Gala.