Nicki Minaj My Home's a Fortress Now ... Security Boost After Heist

2/2/2017 2:08 PM PST

Nicki Minaj Getting Round the Clock Security After Burglary


Nicki Minaj heard the wake-up call loud and clear -- she's taking new precautions at home after crooks ransacked her place and jacked $200k worth of stuff.

Sources close to Nicki tell us ... she's going all out with a security system that includes cameras to cover the sprawling grounds. She's also hiring 24/7 security guards for when she's there and when she's out of town.

We're told when her house was burglarized the only cameras cops could use were street cams ... so she wants to ensure there's footage of any future culprits.

Our sources say Nicki's pissed this happened, but she's learned a valuable lesson and will do everything she can to prevent a repeat.