Taylor Swift Obsessed Fan Tweeted Clues He Was Up to No Good

3/10/2017 1:51 PM PST

Taylor Swift's Obsessed Fan Tweeted Clues He Was Up to No Good


Taylor Swift's latest obsessed fan has been reaching out to her for years with some creepy social media posts that should have been a huge warning.

Mohammed Jaffar was arraigned this week for stalking -- but we uncovered tweets he posted at Taylor as far back as 2014. His posts seemed to get more brazen in February though. On the 7th, he tweeted ... a "security guard in your lobby today prevented us from sharing" candy.

This lines up with the D.A.'s docs which say Mohammed was caught on surveillance video Feb. 6 ... walking the hallway and roof of Taylor's building.

Jaffar also tweeted on February 12, "I need to meet you tonight" before sending a series of rambling poems on Valentine's Day. According to the D.A. ... he also harassed Taylor by phone more than 60 times between January 27 and February 16.