Kodak Black Going to Jail for 364 Days, Unless ...

5/4/2017 1:49 PM PDT

Kodak Black Gets 364 Day Jail Sentence

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Kodak Black's heading back to jail for violating house arrest and could be there for just shy of a year -- but the judge also hooked him up with a get out of jail early card.

The sentencing went down Thursday in Fort Lauderdale and although the 19-year-old rapper got slapped with 364 days in jail, he could actually be free in about a month ... IF he completes a court-ordered life skills course.

We're told the course involves learning how to maintain a bank account, and how to conduct himself as an adult. The judge's point -- pull your life together, and I'll give you an 11 month discount. Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, tells us they're happy with the judge's sentence. Remember, prosecutors wanted him locked up for 8 years.

As we reported ... the rapper was found guilty after leaving his crib on multiple occasions -- including a strip club jaunt -- without approval from his probation officer.