Congressman Jason Chaffetz Subpoena for White House 'Tapes' On the Table

5/17/2017 12:42 PM PDT

Congressman Jason Chaffetz Says Subpoena for White House 'Tapes' On the Table


Congressman Jason Chaffetz not only has the power to subpoena the reported memo written by James Comey, he also could put his John Hancock on a subpoena for any White House tapes that might exist to either confirm or shoot down Comey's version.

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee appeared Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and made it clear ... he's noodling over whether to fire off the legal docs that could force the hands of Trump and Comey.

Chaffetz was circumspect about issuing a subpoena to the White House, but it seems if he uses his power to get the Comey doc, any tape that might exist is not only relevant ... it's the whole ball game. And if it turns out the subpoena is rejected because no such tape exists, that opens up a can of worms.