'Covfefe' Merriam-Webster Ain't Playing Trump's Game

6/1/2017 8:50 AM PDT

Donald Trump's 'Covfefe' Will Be Undefined for Merriam-Webster


Donald Trump might be America's midnight wordsmith, but Merriam-Webster isn't bowing to all the covfefe -- the President's made-up lingo will NOT be in their good book.

Merriam-Webster's editor-at-large, Peter Sololowski, tells TMZ ... Trump's now infamous word won't be making an appearance in their dictionary anytime soon, despite TONS of people trying to define it this week.

Sololowski believes covfefe was simply a typo, and says MW doesn't create entries for what it considers misspelled words. MW's website's been flooded with covfefe searches since Trump's late night tweet ... and Sololwski says they're serving up suggestions like coffee, coven, cover, covet and covey.

BTW ... White House sources tell us they maintain what Sean Spicer said Wednesday -- that covfefe was deliberate ... and its true meaning is known only to a select group.

Very select. Like ... one, we're guessing.