Fruit of the Loom Sues We'll Keep This Brief ... Quit Riding Our Fruits!

7/2/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Fruit of the Loom Sues Fruit of the Tomb for Jacking its Name


Fruit of the Loom is trying to pants the company it says got into the name game a little too late -- like, 124 years too late.

The iconic underwear company is suing En Grande, claiming its Fruit of the Tomb clothing brand is a total ripoff. In the docs, Fruit of the Loom says that doesn't fly because of the obvious similarity to its handle.

FOTL says its roots go back to 1891 when it first made its mark -- trade, not skid -- in the underwear game. Basically, the Loom crew thinks it's pretty cute Tomb tried to do the same in 2015.

Loom says it warned Tomb to shut down operations, but it ignored the demand and launched last year. Fruit of the Loom is suing for damages.

Fruit of the Tomb's co-owner tells TMZ ... their products are nowhere near what the underwear company sells and their brand names have different meanings. We're told -- if anything -- it's a parody, and they will fight the lawsuit ... and keep selling merch.