Wale 'Spraying' is My Heritage Learn Before You Speak, Haters!

8/1/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Wale's Not Sweating Haters of 'Spraying' Celebration for His Daughter's Birthday


Wale doesn't mind people calling him out for literally showering his baby girl with cash on her birthday ... because he's used to the cultural ignorance.

We got the D.C. rapper -- who's Nigerian-American -- at LAX and asked what he made of haters criticizing the video of his daughter sitting in a pile of bills at her first bday party. Some people likened it to "making it rain" at a strip club.

Instead of getting pissed off though ... Wale's using this as a teachable moment. He explained the Nigerian custom of "spraying," and encouraged his haters to broaden their horizons.

As he put it ... know before you speak.