Delta Air Lines Sued Your Rocky Meal Cost Me My Front Teeth!!

9/10/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Delta Air Lines Sued by Woman Claiming Rock in Her Meal Wrecked Her Teeth


Delta Air Lines allegedly destroyed a woman's bottom teeth with a rock-hard meal ... and she's stone-cold serious about making them pay.

The Malibu woman tells TMZ ... she was on a flight from Turkey to L.A. in 2015 when she ordered pita bread with eggplant dipping sauce. She claims when she took a bite, she chomped down on a pebble in the sauce ... and her tooth was obliterated.

She says it left an exposed nerve and when she screamed in pain flight attendants rushed to her aide -- but she claims they offered her a mere $80 worth of airline miles for her troubles.

The woman says she underwent 2 years of "complex dental restoration," and claims Delta's refused to compensate her. According to her lawsuit, she wants $9,999.99 from the airline to cover her out-of-pocket dental expenses.

We reached out to Delta ... no word back so far.