Farrah Abraham I Show My New Lady Parts ... You Show Me Fab Trips and Prizes!!!

9/13/2017 5:22 PM PDT

Farrah Abraham's List of Demands for Fans of Her Rejuvenated Vagina


The path to Farrah Abraham's rejuvenated vagina might be well worn, but you can still make an impression on her -- for the cost of a new pair of heels or a trip to Bangkok.

Farrah's created a profile for herself on the porn site, CamSoda -- where she's debuting her post-op vajayjay -- and it includes a wish list of things potential suitors can send her. It's a diverse wish list, but everything on it is expensive as hell:

- trips to Thailand, Greece, Monaco and Brazil
- $200 for a mani/pedi
- $3000 for hair
- Louis Vuitton purse, travel bag and carry-on luggage
- $1000 shopping spree
- size 9 heels 

We're guessing the heels better be Louboutins or bust. The list might sound greedy, but in fairness -- porn stars commonly do this online.

Farrah makes her adult camming debut Wednesday evening, so who knows what will be filled ... from the list by morning.