Captain Kirk, Spock Buy Our Uniforms from 'Star Trek' Spend A LOT & Prosper!

10/26/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Chris Pine's Captain Kirk Uniform from 'Star Trek' Up for Auction, Spock's Too


If you've ever wanted to boldly go where no 'Star Trek' fan has gone before dressed as your favorite Captain, now you can -- but it'll cost ya ... a helluva lot, too.

OG wardrobe and props from the first 2 recent 'Star Trek' films -- "Star Trek" and 'Into Darkness' -- will hit the auction block later this year, courtesy of Prop Store in Valencia.

Among the 400 items up for grabs are some of the lead actors' costumes and gear -- including Chris Pine's Captain Kirk Enterprise Command uniform, Spock's Enterprise uniform, Lieutenant Uhura's uniform ... plus Starfleet phasers, holsters and commuincators.

We're told Kirk's garb is expected to fetch between $5,000-$10,000, and Spock's getup is expected to go for even more -- around $8k-$12k. At those prices, the whole lot could easily go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. No one said being a Trekkie was cheap, right?

There's a ton of more stuff to swoop if you're interested -- and it all goes down at Prop Store's auction house December 2. Buy me up, Scotty!