Shawn Mendes I Believe I Can Fly!!! Santa Still Does It Better

11/30/2017 12:20 AM PST

Shawn Mendes Takes Crew on Jetpack Cruise, Santa Tears it Up


Shawn Mendes took a day off from touring to take his team jetpacking -- and Santa Claus takes 'em all to school on how it's done!

Shawn's currently touring Australia, and booked the 4-hour excursion out of Gold Coast for his band and crew. The company, Jetpack Events, took 23 people out to sea and let the fun begin.

Santa unleashed some dope tutorial moves, and the best part of the vid is one crew member getting super confident ... and then eating it, hard. We're told Shawn's manager wouldn't let him get up on the board. Gotta protect the moneymaker.

Afterward, the JPE team got hooked up with backstage passes for Shawn's first show Down Under.