Prince Harry Grills Obama Aretha vs. Tina, LeBron vs. Jordan

12/27/2017 6:15 AM PST

Prince Harry Grills Barack Obama About Aretha, LeBron and Underwear

Prince Harry did what American journalists have been itching to do for a year ... interview President Barack Obama post presidency.

Harry was guest hosting the "Today" radio show Wednesday and played his interview with Obama, part of which was a lightning round of pretty funny questions, including ...

-- Boxers or briefs

-- LeBron or Jordan

-- Aretha or Tina

-- Kim or Khloe (this one's interesting)

-- Harry or William

-- "Suits" or "The Good Wife"

-- The Rock or Chris Rock (again, interesting)

The interview was recorded in September during the Invictus Games when the 2 became buds.

Obama also talked about the dangers of a president hopping on social media ... he didn't mention Trump by name, but it was pretty obvious.

Harry also said his fiancee, Meghan Markle, had a great Xmas at Buckingham Palace with a family she never had.