Japan Flight from Hell Passengers Get 30,000 Yen Apology

12/28/2017 9:01 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen's Japan Flight from Hell, Passengers Get 30,000 Yen as Apology


The airline responsible for Chrissy Teigen's flight from hell loaded passengers up with 30,000 Japanese Yen just to try and make nice.

One of Chrissy's co-passengers tells us when All Nippon Airways flight NH175 from LAX to Tokyo landed in Japan, each person was given 30k Yen. The passenger says everyone was stoked ... until they did the conversion and realized they were given just over $250 for their troubles.

Teigen live-tweeted the traveling nightmare Tuesday after the originally scheduled 11-hour flight turned back to LAX just 4 hours in for a passenger who was allegedly on the wrong flight.

All Nippon initially didn't tell passengers why the plane was headed back, but did apologize (twice), fessing up to the screwup.

If you're wondering ... Chrissy and hubby John Legend boarded a different make-up flight to Japan than most of the other OG passengers ... and more than likely missed out on their $265 windfall.