Rabbi Shmuley Lorde's Age No Excuse for Bigotry Jewish People Sick of It!!!

1/3/2018 12:30 AM PST

Lorde's Age Is No Excuse for Bigotry, Says Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


Rabbi Shmuley isn't giving Lorde a pass for what he calls "the height of bigotry" ... and has one question for her -- What did Israel ever do to you?

We got Michael Jackson's old pal on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and asked him about the singer's recent decision to cancel her show in Israel ... while keeping 2 concert dates in Russia. He's still very fired up about it.

Shmuley thinks Lorde's joined a movement seeking the "economic annihilation" of Israel, and though he doesn't call her an anti-Semite ... he believes she needs to be more responsible as an influential celeb.

In case you don't think he's serious ... the Rabbi took out a full-page ad blasting Lorde for boycotting Israel while ignoring Putin's beyond-checkered past with human rights.

Lorde's cancellation came after Palestine supporters blasted her, saying she prides herself on being "informed." Shmuley says she still needs a lot more informing.