Coachella 2018 Still No-Go on Weed Even Though Cali Says Yes

1/7/2018 12:40 AM PST

Coachella Not Changed by CA Marijuana Law, Still No Smoking Policy


Coachella 2018 falls on 4/20, but those hoping to score and smoke weed openly in Indio are outta luck, despite California legalizing it.

The city of Indio, where Coachella takes place, is cracking down on marijuana use. The city isn't allowing the selling, cultivating or distributing of cannabis. Under the new law, each town can decide whether to allow recreational weed sales, and -- sorry to harsh your Queen Bey buzz -- Indio's decided it's a no.

Coachella isn't allowing marijuana or marijuana products on the festival site either. 

The city of Indio still has to abide by state law which now allows you to possess a small amount of bud for personal use, but you can't smoke it out in the open.

One glimmer of hope -- neighboring cities like Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs are all weed-friendly, so if you're over 21 you can hit up a licensed dispensary there.