Bella Hadid If The $850 Ugly Dad Shoe Fits ...

1/8/2018 4:05 PM PST

Bella Hadid Pumps Gas in $850 Balenciaga 'Dad' Shoes

It's not often we wouldn't wanna be in Bella Hadid's shoes, but in this case ... it's true. 

Bella was spotted pumping gas Monday in Bev Hills rockin' some "dad" sneakers that are kinda making a comeback right now. They're Balenciaga's Triple S Trainers -- which retail for $850. Apparently, overly expensive and ugly is in right now.

Bella was seen trying on a pair of Triple S Trainers last month in London, which looked similar to what she's got on now. If they are the same kicks, she's definitely putting them to good use.

BTW ... good luck getting your hands on a pair of these puppies. They're all sold out online.