Elvis Presley Paper Cup Fetches More Than $3k

1/23/2018 12:30 AM PST

Elvis Presley's Old Paper Cup Sold for Over $3k


These days $3,000 will buy you 3 iPhone Xs, or Elvis Presley's once used paper cup ... from 6 decades ago! Choose wisely.  

Actually, it's too late to choose ... the old vintage paper cup sold at auction over the weekend, with a winning bid of $3,300. We're told the person who bought it owns the Icon Hotel in Luton, England.

As we reported, the seller was aiming to get $1,000 for it. Sooo ... BONUS!!! The cup dates back to Elvis' 1956 tour stop in Tulsa, where it ended up in the hands of a fan.

Some people shell out $3,300 for a Super Bowl ticket, so no point in judging. Just kidding, judge away.