Disso Queen Laura Wasser Launches Do-It-Yourself Divorce Website

1/25/2018 12:30 AM PST

Disso Queen Laura Wasser Launches Do-It-Yourself Divorce Website


Laura Wasser, one of the most prominent divorce lawyers in the country, is firing up a website today which allows couples who want to end their marriage a way of doing it on their own for a super reasonable cost, with a little help from a lawyer. 

The site, itsovereasy.com, guides couples through the process of filling out forms and dealing with issues such as child custody, child and spousal support as well as property division.

The cost is way cheaper than hiring a lawyer ... $750 plus court costs. Add another $750 for a half hour call with a lawyer who can serve as a mediator to explain the process and help resolve conflicts.  Lawyers are available for longer mediations for an additional cost.

The site also has YouTube videos to walk people through the process if they're not into reading instructions.

And there's more ... a bunch of contributors give accounts of their divorces and how they navigated them. There are also referrals to co-parenting counselors, financial planners and even personal trainers who focus on life after divorce. 

It's interesting ... Wasser reps just about every big celeb who gets divorced, so why the whole do-it-yourself thing? She says lawyers are often beyond the financial reach of couples who end up going through the process without assistance or vital information. Plus the site avoids a big pitfall ... hiring certain divorce lawyers who fuel conflict to rack up fees.