Dr. Oz To Air Nicole Eggert Show

1/30/2018 4:10 PM PST

Dr. Oz to Air Nicole Eggert Show


Nicole Eggert will be featured on Wednesday's 'Dr. Oz Show' ... this after producers shelved the program claiming they had issues with Nicole's timeline.

We've learned after Nicole appeared on Megyn Kelly's show Tuesday, Oz's producers called Nicole's lawyer Lisa Bloom and her manager David Weintraub, saying they had a change of heart and would air the program after all.

As we reported, the show was filmed January 10 but after receiving a blistering cease and desist letter from Scott Baio's lawyer which, among other things, questioned her timeline for the alleged molestation, the show was put on ice.

Nicole, Lisa and David went to Oz's studio Tuesday and shot some additional footage for the program.