Jay-Z I'm Taking Off with Paper Planes ... See Ya in Cyberspace!

1/31/2018 7:59 AM PST

Jay-Z's Company Files Trademark Application to Expand Paper Planes Brand


Jay-Z's trying to expand his aviation enterprise ... the one made of 'paper,' that is.

Jay's company, S. Carter Enterprises, just filed legal docs to secure the rights to their clothing brand, Paper Planes, in a number of different sales-type vehicles.

According to the trademark application, obtained by TMZ, the Carter operation is looking to expand the plane logo -- created by Jay's business partner, Emory Jones -- into more of a retail environment and beyond ... like department stores, an online shopping site and even into musical recordings.

They're also looking to presumably hawk gear like athletic gym bags, tour books, jewelry as well as a cosmetic line ... all featuring the Paper Plane image. 

Prepare for takeoff, ya'll.