Kylie Jenner She May End Up on a Mountaintop!!!

2/1/2018 1:00 AM PST

Kylie Jenner May End Up Living On a Mountaintop

Exclusive Photos

The property Kylie Jenner inspected last week is perfectly suited not just for privacy, but for Howard Hughes-type privacy. 

We've obtained areal pics of the Hidden Hills site where Kylie's eyeing the mega-mansion that's being built on a mountaintop. She hasn't purchased the property yet, but she's seriously thinking about it.

The house will eventually be a 15k sq. ft. palace on 7 acres of land.  

TMZ broke the story, the home's construction plans call for:

-- 9,187 sq. ft. first floor

-- 5,304 sq. ft. second floor

-- 2 huge garages (1,200 sq. ft and 1,468 sq. ft)

-- 1,836 sq. ft. of covered porches

-- A cabana for the pool

Check out the property size compared to a local high school.

It's unclear if Kylie intends to purchase the property for herself or if she'll buy it and flip it ... but whoever ends up living there will have plenty of space to roam.