'Black Panther' Star Pay Attention, Hollywood It Doesn't Have to Be 'All White'

2/5/2018 12:10 AM PST

'Black Panther' Actress Sydelle Noel Predicts Movie Will Break Records, Change Hollywood


"Black Panther" isn't just going to smash box office records, it's going to put Hollywood on notice about what kind of movies it should be making ... according to Sydelle Noel, who plays Xoliswa in the flick.  

We got Sydelle -- who also stars in "GLOW" -- on Sunset Blvd. and asked how she's feeling about the extraordinary 'BP' buzz. In a word ... it's "amazing."

Sydelle was totally geeked about the movie's cultural importance -- but also about it being a game changer. The takeaway for studio execs, she hopes ... #HollywoodNotSoWhite.

'BP' comes out February 16, but get your tickets now ... they're already selling out.