Andy Dick GF Files for Restraining Order

2/20/2018 10:46 AM PST

Andy Dick's Girlfriend Requests Restraining Order, Claims Domestic Violence


Andy Dick's longtime girlfriend, and mother of 2 of his kids, has filed to get a restraining order against him ... TMZ has learned.

Lena Sved filed documents Tuesday in L.A., requesting court-ordered protection from Dick. We don't know if a judge has signed off yet, but typically a temporary restraining order will be approved ... until a later hearing can be scheduled.

The court has classified this as a domestic violence case, but it's unclear what she's alleging Dick did.

Andy and Lena have 2 adult children together ... both in their 20s.

The couple's been on and off for decades. They appeared on "Celebrity Wife Swap" together in 2013, even though they weren't married. In fact ... they weren't even dating at the time. 

We don't know if they're still together right now -- their last public outing as a couple was in 2015.